Workshop and Adventureland Mathematics
middle schools, Year 5/6/7

Content Students will examine interactively and have a closer look on selected geometric solids and shapes such as platonic solids, spheres and knots. The innovative construction system ZOMETOOL enables with colour- and shape-coded sticks and connection balls the construction of geometric solids. Thereby mathematical proportions and symmetries are demonstrated and structures in space explored in a playful way.

Procedure: Does every solid have corners, edges and areas? What about the appearance when turning and rotating the solid? The construction system ZOMETOOL enables the construction of geometric solids while experiencing mathematical proportions through play. Teams develop objects and paper works.

Hints for preparation: Teamwork in the MACHwerk. The research workshop for everyone, 45min; afterwards visit to the Adventureland Mathematics.

Curriculum covers: GYM 5 / LB 3; GYM 6 / LB 4; WP2; OS 6 / LB 4; (OS HS 7 / LB 1)

Duration: 1,5 Stunden (Please, schedule additional time for your registration.)

Cost per student: 3,00 EUR (2,00 EUR reduced group admission, plus 1 EUR for the project)

Register here: tel.: +49 351 488 7272, fax: +49 351 488 7263, email: