The Adventureland Mathematics Dresden is the result of the cooperation of the Technischen Sammlungen Dresden and the faculty of mathematics of the Technischen Universität Dresden. This cooperation has been started in year 2008 and has been proceeding since. The scientific directors are the professors of mathematics Mrs. Dr. Andrea Hoffkamp, Mr. Dr. Andreas Thom and Mr. Dr. Bernhard Ganter, the Head of Department of the Technischen Sammlungen Dresden is Mr. magister Holger Seifert.

About the genesis

Inspired of the Mathematikums build and guided by Mr. Prof. Beutelsspacher in Gießen a completely independent concept of “mathematics you can touch” has been established in the Technischen Sammlungen Dresden. Especially the scientific directors in cooperation with the faculty of mathematics helped to realise the project. The construction of the Adventureland Mathematics has been enabled through significant financial furtherances by the Saxonian State Ministry for Culture and Education in the years 2008 till 2011.

Patronisers of the Adventureland Mathematics

The Adventureland Mathematics is only able to develop and to continue to exist with financial, ideational, energetic and critical help of many people and facilities. It is any longer dependent on your donations and support. You can find further information under the keyword Booster club.